Instagram Working On Security Feature To Keep Third-party Apps At Bay


Instagram is rolling out a new security feature to help users restrict third-party apps from seeking access to their personal data. Here's what it means.

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Instagram is rolling out a new security feature to help users restrict third-party apps from seeking access to their personal data. Meaning, it will restrict any app and website you had once authorised to access your Instagram photos. For example, websites that seek permission to access your Instagram profile to print your Instagram photos. You can also restrict dating apps like Tinder from seeking access to your Instagram photos. Similarly, third-party Instagram tools that make collages or download photos can also be restricted.

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Well, it's a fairly commonplace security measure employed by apps and services like Twitter, Facebook and Google for years. Finally, it's coming to Instagram! But the rollout of this security feature is said to be completed in about six months, which is unusual. Most of the features usually take days or sometimes weeks to reach all users. The rollout is considered significantly important given Facebook's history with privacy breaches and data scandals in the past.

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In fact, the entire Cambridge Analytica fiasco from 2018 revolved around users authorising third-party apps and websites to access to their Facebook profile. People tend to forget about apps and websites they had once authorised to access their Instagram photos years ago. In that case, this feature will be helpful to the users. While the reason behind Instagram's slow rollout wasn't immediately known, it’s possibly linked to API changes for developers.

Facebook is reportedly giving developers enough time to move from the Instagram Legacy API Platform to the Facebook Graph API. Instagram says it’s also introducing an updated authorisation screen. This way, Instagram will tell users about the information requested by a third-party app, before you could even authorise them access. These features are expected to roll out sometime next year.

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