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Image credit: Pixabay


It Is Now Possible To Solve The Rubik’s Cube In 30 Seconds, With 30 Moves

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • The AI program is called DeepCubeA
  • DeepCubeA takes minimal time to solve

If you are looking at solving the evergreen challenge posed by the Rubik’s Cube, then you could decode this Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that has not only solved the puzzle in 30 seconds but also with minimum moves. Now, this was done by building and programming an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program.  

This AI that solved the Rubik’s Cube puzzle in a few seconds, called DeepCubeA, is part of a research conducted by researchers at the University of California Irvine (UCI) and published in The Nature Machine Intelligence journal. For development, the researchers employed the Deep approximate value iteration dynamic algorithm program technique.  

At this point in time, AI has been approximated by data scientists and technologists to be the antidote for much of issues plaguing society today. With AI now being employed for solving the Rubik cube puzzle which has baffled multiple “brilliant minds” across the world, the key to unlocking disruptive technologies for societal benefit could lie with this latest solution (to the Rubik’s cube).  

“A major goal in artificial intelligence is to create algorithms that are able to learn how to master various environments without relying on domain-specific human knowledge,’ stated researchers, in the Nature Machine Intelligence journal.  

“The solution to the Rubik’s Cube involves more symbolic, mathematical and abstract thinking, so a deep learning machine that can crack such a puzzle is getting closer to becoming a system that can think, reason, plan and make decisions, "added Pierre Baldi – one of the researchers. 

In summary, with AI finding rapid acceptance across various sectors, it remains to be seen as to how smart the actual proposed smart cities in India become with disruptive technology. AI, by the way, is a key element of India’s “futuristic” smart cities.  

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