Microsoft To Withdraw Windows 7 Support In January 2020; More Details


Windows 7 to see an end soon on January 14 next year and the OS will be deeply missed. Read on to find about the details on the withdrawal of Windows support.

Written By Surabhi Sabat | Mumbai | Updated On:
Windows 7

Software mega-giant Microsoft announced that it will withdraw its Microsoft Office app support on Windows 10 Mobile from January 12, 2021. Along with that, Microsoft has now dropped another bomb announcing that they will soon be ending support for Windows 7 starting from on January 14, 2020. Here is all you should know about the surprising news and what actions to take after one of the crowd-pleasing operating systems announces to end its support. 

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Why should you switch your Microsoft Operating system before January 14th?

The main issue that people will face after Microsoft ends its support for Windows 7 is that the software corporation won't be launching any more critical updates or upgrades that could save your computer/laptop from potentially harmful virus/malware. Those updates were the fixes that provided protection from ransomware or worms that can attack your computer system. Windows XP was the last operating system to have its support withdrawn but due to the overwhelming popularity of the OS, Microsoft had to extend the support deadline to 2014. Due to the same ubiquity of Windows 7 all over the globe, we can expect the same outcry and support extension for Windows 7 as well, but only time can reveal that. 

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What happens if you keep using Windows 7 even after Microsoft withdraws its support?

For those who can't get over their love for the Windows 7 OS, can surely keep using the OS but with the condition that their PC isn't connected to the internet. If the person doesn't do web browsing, downloads, and streaming then they can definitely keep using the OS. You can also keep using the Windows 7 if you need the OS for a particular game or specific program. Just keeping it away from the internet would keep the hackers and scanners and hackers at bay. For others, you could soon be able to avail a free OS upgrade to Windows 10 or you may even purchase the Windows 10 license. You can even get the Windows 8.1 license with a much cheaper price as compared to windows 10 with the facility of Microsoft upgrades and support for the next few years. 

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