New Internet Explorer Browser Flaw Could Expose User Credentials


If you are still amongst the IE users, on Windows 10, then you should install security fixes to the newly detected security vulnerabilities. Check out now.

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If you are still amongst the rare breed of Internet Explorer (IE) users, on Windows 10, then you should be installing the new security fixes to the newly detected security vulnerabilities called CVE-2019-1367 and CVE-2019-1255. These fixes are now live for Windows 10 users across the world. This vulnerability was found to result in corrupting memory by cyber criminals to enable them to execute arbitrary codes. Do check out these new security fixes, in case you have ignored installing these fixes.  

The IE vulnerability

As far as the above vulnerability is concerned, it enabled hackers to gain control of user rights. In case this user was an administrator, then even the attacker could turn into the administrator of the current Windows 10 system. With complete administrator rights, cyber criminals could view/modify user data – a huge privacy risk. From IE’s perspective, cyber criminals could trick users into visiting a compromised website created to launch attacks by utilizing the security risks of IE. Hence, if you are an IE user, do install the new fixes right away.  

The fixes, for the above security vulnerabilities in IE, modifies how scripting engine handles objects in memory. Now, the current number of users still on IE is not known. Web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are popular. Both these browsers received newer updates of late. Hence, if you are an IE person, do exercise caution.  

In related Windows 10 updates, Microsoft’s newer operating system (OS) is now on as many as 900 million devices across the world. This development potentially sounds the death knell of the current Windows 7. This OS reaches its end of life phase on 14 January 2020. Would you upgrade to Windows 10 after this new 900 million installation number?   

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