Newer Features Teased With Update 0.15.0 To PUBG Mobile, Check Out


There could be even more features brought along by the Update 0.15.0 to PUBG Mobile, apart from ledge grab and the payload mode. A teaser image has surfaced.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Update 0.15.0 to PUBG Mobile is confirmed to feature ledge grab and the payload mode. But, if a new tweet by PUBG Mobile is anything to go by, then there could be even more features brought along by the Update 0.15.0. The update 0.15.0 is set to be released on 16 October. This has been a most expected update as far as PUBG Mobile gamers are concerned. The expectations regarding its feature-set have always been intense.

Newer features within PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0

Now, PUBG Mobile has tweeted a preview (teaser image) of the Update 0.15.0, this preview contains “hidden features”. Now, this is a clear indication that there could be more than just the ledge grab feature, payload mode, newer weapons, and vehicles. This teaser image is asking gamers to identify “feature teasers” hidden within it. Check out this image below. If you can find the teasers hidden in the image, do share them. 

At this point in time, netizens (Twitterati) have started coming out with varied reactions regarding the teaser image. These reactions include the likes of a new pistol, Erangel 2.0, a new rocket launcher, explosion caused through gas can along with all the conventional features that the Update 0.15.0 would introduce to PUBG Mobile gamers. Check out certain reactions, in this regard. These could potentially be in line with what PUBG Mobile has planned.



Finally, there is every possibility that the Update 0.15.0 to PUBG Mobile introduces newer rewards to be unlocked. As far as ledge grab is concerned, this potentially offers gamers newer ways of killing enemies by swinging across buildings. This update has also drawn up increased player curiosity before its release. Hence, all eyes are on the 16 October release date of Update 0.15.0, for now. 

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