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Photos Of Instagram's New Upcoming 'Story Draft' Feature Leaked On Twitter

Twitter user leaks the Instagram Story Draft feature ahead of its release. Here's what we know about the brand new feature on the application.

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Instagram users will soon get a new option that will enable them to save their stories. The Instagram story draft feature is currently a work in progress but some screenshots of it have already been leaked online. The screenshots show that Instagram has added a new pop up option that allows users to save their stories as drafts, or they can also choose to discard them altogether. Here’s more about the upcoming Instagram update.

Take a peek at the Instagram story draft option

On March 24, a tweet was uploaded to the Instagram Twitter account. The tweet said, “Something new is coming. Soon you’ll be able to finish what you started with story drafts.” Soon a Twitter user named Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots of what the Instagram story draft feature would look like. The screenshots show that if the user wants to get out in the middle of creating a story, Instagram will display a  dialogue box that will give them three options. The first option will ask the user if they want to discard the story and start with a new one. If they choose this all the edits they have made to this picture will disappear.

The second option is called ‘Save Draft' and it will let users save their story edits in the draft.  Naturally, the story won’t be published and will be saved in the drafts folder. The third option will be ‘Cancel' that makes the dialogue box disappear and the user can go back to story creation. Many Instagram users will realize that currently the social media app only gives two options while making a story, Discard & Cancel. Users can expect the new save draft option shown in Instagram leaks very soon.

Instagram likes had disappeared earlier this month

Another major news about Instagram surfaced earlier this month when the social media app had mistakenly hidden like counts for a large number of users on Tuesday, March 2. Naturally, the internet went into a frenzy. The unwelcomed change freaked many people out as it came with no warning and explanatory blog post about significant changes in the app.

But there was nothing to fret over here. The social media app, took to another popular social media app Twitter to reveal that it was a mistake. Instagram immediately reversed it a few hours after it went live. Instagram revealed in its tweet, “We've been testing a new experience to hide likes on Feed posts. Earlier today, we unintentionally added more people to the test, which was a bug. This issue has now been fixed. People can pull down to refresh their feed and their likes should restore."

Image Credit: Unsplash

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