PMSC 2019 Finals To Have Hindi Commentary, Rally Behind India Now


PMSC 2019 will have Hindi commentary. You could grasp every detail of what is going on in the mini-series and thereby rally behind India. Cheer for the players.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC 2019) grand finale would have Hindi online casters meaning PUBG –eSports loyalists in India could watch the broadcast of the PMSC grand finale broadcast in Hindi from the country and other countries. In other words, there would be Hindi commentary to enable viewers to grasp every minute detail in depth. Here, remember that the Indian contingent at PMSC 2019 has done well to capture eyeballs of players and experts from other countries of the world including the content creators and PUBG teams from other countries participating in the mini-series. This aspect potentially offers lots to cheer about as far as Indian PUBG loyalists are concerned.  

PMSC 2019 

The grand finale of the nearly month-long PMSC 2019 takes place between 7-8 September 2019 in Taiwan. Click here to watch the finals live. Here, teams from India viz Team SouL (aka SOUL), TeamIND, along with individual content creators such as Dynamo Gaming, The RawKnee Games, Gareeboo, and Kronten Gaming would be competing with other teams by joining forces with different teams in a bid to win the coveted PMSC 2019 championship title along with a finale “Chicken Dinner”. These individual content creators, at this point in time, have impressed with skills. In fact, even fans have rallied behind them by casting votes on the PMSC 2019 website.  

Rally Behind India

Hence, we think that the time is now ripe to express support to the Indian contingent at the event. As of now, Dynamo Gaming is leading the pack as far as securing fan votes is concerned. The content creator has so far secured 45161 votes, followed by Kronten Gaming (88300), The RawKnee Games (82587), and Gareeboo (45914). This accounts for total Indian domination amongst the top five fan favourite players (based on votes). Even Chinese content creators are behind Indians here. Finally, with India potentially looking set to lift the PMSC 2019 mini-series crown, all we can do is cheer, isn’t it?

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