PUBG Mobile: Check Out How To Tackle Zombies Like A Pro In Update 0.11.0, With Newer Weapons

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • You could download the update 0.11.0 beta and check out how the zombies look and feel
  • There are also newer weapons to tackle zombies, in the new update

If you are a player of the popular Player’s Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG), you could download the update 0.11.0 beta and check out how the zombies look and feel. In this regard, it only becomes imminent that the vital steps to download and check out the zombies mode, before the actual public release, is listed.

Now, if you are an early adapter desirous of checking out zombies, click here to download the update 0.11.0 beta. Once you have the beta installed on your mobile devices, do check out the Resident Evil: Sunset mode that introduces zombies in a night mode-like setting.

With the new zombies mode, there naturally has to be newer weapons; and as per renowned PUBG tipster going by the YouTube moniker Mr Ghost Gaming through a YouTube video states that users could check out for the M134 Minigun and potentially rates this as effective for use in the zombies mode. Then, there is a new pistol-like custom weapon which could also be used to combat zombies and even the human enemy characters in the game.

Finally, you could check out the FlameThrower and the Combat knife- both of which should come in handy officially; during in-game contingency attacks. AT this point in time, you should remember that these weapons are exclusive to the zombie mode which can be explored only in a third-person-perspective (TPP).

Also, for the uninitiated, zombies mode has been a result of an official crossover between PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2. The public release of the update 0.11.0 is slated to take place at the earliest; rumour mills have been abuzz with the second week of February probably representing the release time of the stable version of the update 0.11.0.

In related news, the Apex Legend first-person-shooter is now official, and could potentially pose competition to PUBG Mobile. Click here to check out why.

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