PUBG Mobile Club 2019 Finals Provides A Potential Boost To The Indian ESports Sector 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 saw the emergence of India’s Team SOUL as breakout performers even though the team finished twelfth in the eSports tournament. A member of Team SOUL, IG Mortal was also adjudged the PMCO Website Fan Favourite Player of the tournament. Now, this is a definite step as far as the Indian eSports scene is considered.  

Team SOUL’s performance – a morale booster for Indian eSports 

In fact, Team SOUL did win the Chicken Dinner on Day 2; and this performance did impress a lot of global eSPorts giants. After the final performances, even celebrity eSports interviewer Rachel Berlin interviewed IG Mortal after he was voted as the PMCO Website Fan Favourite Player of the tournament.  

Now, these developments, though minor in stature represent an important milestone in India where the eSports scenario is still emerging. The PMCO 2019 potentially provided an ideal platform for teams to thrive in the gaming scene. In this regard, there were three teams selected for the PMCO tournament (including that of preliminaries) - these were Indian Tigers, Team IND, and Team SOUL; the former teams were eliminated in the preliminaries of PMCO but like SOUL these teams too did manage to win hearts through their performances.  

In summary, these minor victories could result in something bigger for the overall Indian eSports scene. Check out below, reactions from Team SOUL member IG Mortal after his being voted as PMCO website fan favourite player: 


These definitely are positive steps as far as the progression of the eSports scenario is considered; would you stand with TEAM SOUL in their quest for greater/higher future laurels to boost eSports in India. 

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