PUBG Mobile “Door Glitch” Said To Be Fixed - Check Out The Game Now

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

If you have been a player of PlayerUnknown’sBattlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile), and if you have encountered the “door glitch”, then it is worth noting now that the reports of this problem being taken note of and addressed by PUBG. The issue was also reportedly sorted as a result of a new patch.

As per renowned PUBG tipster, going by the YouTube moniker of Derek G, the door problem that reportedly led to issues such as improper opening of doors, doors getting stuck in the game, and shutting of doors, has been addressed. Hence you could check out the game (PUBG Mobile) now and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, with respect to the door glitch.

If you are playing the game right now, do properly check for all “door operations” - frequent opening/closing, opening/closing at different time instants, and use the door as a shield to protect from enemy firing. In case, there are glitches still in the door operations, do let us know.

In related PUBG updates, the PUBG Lite beta which introduces core PUBG experiences on a computer is now seeding to three more countries. At this point in time, the game is highly expected to hit India. In case you are expecting the PUBG Lite beta service in India, do click here to check if you could play the title in the country at this point in time.

Also, it is worth noting that in India, PUBG Mobile has come under negative publicity as well and one such instance has led to the filing of a petition calling to ban the game as well. In this regard, do share what you think on if the game needs more regulations in the country?

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