PUBG Mobile: New Update 27a Promises The Moon, Patch Notes Released On Fools’ Day, Check Out


The PUBG Mobile update 271 promises the moon to players, check out how.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG Mobile which is a portable version of the core PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could get a new map in the near future. This means that there could finally be something to look forward to as far as PUBG players in India are concerned. Here, remember that the desktop version of PUBG - PUBG Lite has been playing hide and seek with the Indian players.

Now, as per new listings, there would be an update introducing a new map introducing newer vehicles, weapons, and revamped gameplay. These have also been officially listed, and hint at these being imminently released.

As per these official listings, the new map would be The Moon which is said to feature Zero G that potentially eliminates fall damage when on the moon. Also, multiple aspects concerning the new map are enhanced; these include the likes of jump duration and height. Finally, you should also be able to observe your own moon footprints while within this map.

There is also the level 4 armour, and more enhancements; the latter deserves to be checked out individually by you the players- rather than being listed. At this juncture, the moon to PUBG Mobile definitely makes sense but is that true? The web is now abuzz with these being a Fools’ Day prank, but the official listings do not mention so; moreover, rumours state these update 27a was itself released on Fools’ Day.

Nonetheless, you have the moon promised by PUBG creators, "We've always tried to push the envelope here at PUBG, creating the most realistic Battle Royale experience possible, but today we’re taking that commitment and shooting for the moon!,” states the official PUBG blog post.

You could check and see if the above update numbered Update 27a is indeed true, if yes, then hurrah!, if not, why this poor Fools’ Day prank PUBG? Do share your thoughts, with us, in our comments section below. As of now, we could not observe this patch called Update 27a.

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