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PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map: Full List Of New Places Expected!

From PUBG Vikendi Vihar Movatra, Dobro Mesto, Krichas, Port, Zabava, Cosmodrome, Trevno, Peshkova, Lumber Yard and Hot Springs to Cantra, Volnova, Winery, Pilnec, Milnar, Sawmill, Dino Park, Goroka, Coal Mine, Mount Kreznic, Podvosto, Cement Factory, Abbey, Tovar, Villa and Castle: We have compiled a full list of new places you can expect.

Picture: ruskalaka/Reddit

It’s been a few days since we have been hearing a lot of rumours about PUBG Vikdeni snow map. Amid speculations whether Vikendi snow map is actually making it to PUBG PS4 at the time of launch, a new piece of information has appeared suggesting PUBG Mobile Vikendi update could be around the corner.

In what could be the biggest leak so far, a Reddit user ruskalaka has posted a minimap of the upcoming Vikendi snow map for PUBG Mobile. It goes on to reveal all the new places we can expect. Let’s take a look!

Following is the full list of new places expected in PUBG Vikendi map

As per the image of PUBG Mobile Vikendi minimap posted by ruskalaka, we have compiled a full list of new places you can expect:

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  • Vihar Movatra
  • Dobro Mesto
  • Krichas
  • Port
  • Zabava
  • Cosmodrome
  • Trevno
  • Peshkova
  • Lumber Yard
  • Hot Springs
  • Cantra
  • Volnova
  • Winery
  • Pilnec
  • Milnar
  • Sawmill
  • Dino Park
  • Goroka
  • Coal Mine
  • Mount Kreznic
  • Podvosto
  • Cement Factory
  • Abbey
  • Tovar
  • Villa
  • Castle

While we were not able to verify the authenticity of the minimap spotted on Reddit, ruskalaka posted yet another picture showing a wrecked ship stuck in a frozen lake. This minimap is totally on par with a leaked video from last week.

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Responding to comments on Reddit, ruskalaka confirmed that it’s a 6x6 map. Meaning, it’d be bigger than Sanhok (4x4) and smaller than Erangel and Miramar (8x8).

We are awaiting more details to come our way. So stay tuned!

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