PUBG Snow Map Car Surfaces In Leaked Files: Could It Be Part Of Vikendi?

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  • This leaked car in PUBG looks like a beaten up model
  • PUBG players could be seeded the Vikendi snow map soon

As PUBG gets ready to be seeded to Sony PS4 consoles worldwide, there have now been new leaks which have surfaced via datamining. These leaks point at the Vikendi which has been a hot topic of discussion among the global PUBG gaming community. AT this point in time, Vikendi snow map could take a little longer to seed and PUBG for PS4 could officially incorporate the three main maps viz Miramar, Sanhok, and Erangel.

Now, these leaks courtesy renowned gaming tipsters going by the monikers AllTheNewsIsGoodNews and Slick PUBG, via YouTube have made mentions about new leaked files (courtesy data mining of the live servers by AllTheNewsIsGoodNews). As per this information, the Vikendi Survivor event pass has apparently surfaced. Along with this, a picture indicating Level Up 20 has also surfaced via the datamining. This leaked pass could be indicators of a rapid level up by 20 levels in Vikendi.

Finally, an image of a car has also surfaced; going by this leaked representation, the car looks vintage and is blue coloured. It also seems to be a tad beaten up. Here, it naturally comes to mind about this car being a part of the yet to be released Vikendi snow map.

Hence, PUBG players can share thoughts with respect to how this leaked car (if official in PUBG snow map) would help gameplay.

In related developments, PUBG for PS4 has reportedly begun preloading for users having preordered the game before its release on December 7. So, enable auto downloading in case you have pre-ordered the game and check out for download progress. In case the download turned out to be hassle-free, do share the details.

As of now, rumour mills are abuzz with Vikendi snow map making the cut within PUBG for PS4. However, there have been no official confirmations or denials on this aspect. Would Vikendi make the cut on December 7 or would gamers have to wait a tad longer? Eyes and ears could be kept open now.

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