PUBG On PC Rollout Imminent In India: PUBG Lite Beta Rapidly Expands To More Asian Regions

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:

The PUBG Lite beta introducing the main PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gameplay on low-end computers has now expanded to as many as 5 more regions in addition to the geographies that were officially added last week to the list of eligible countries. The latest rollout, of PUBG Lite beta, to 5 countries potentially indicates positive game tester feedback from the regions in which the game was rolled out to prior to the latest announcement.

PUBG had earlier announced that it would take PUBG Lite beta to more regions of the world, depending on the feedback from the initial beta testers in the first region - Thailand. The newer regions in which PUBG Lite beta would unlock from February 13 are Brunei, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

USP of the latest rollout, apart from its expansion factor, is the fact that the Asian focus of the folks at PUBG is clear. Now, this means that there is every possibility of the PUBG Lite beta being rolled out to India as well in the very near future - with Bangladesh also getting the game on PC, it should only be about time before PUBG loyalists in India start playing PUBG Lite beta on low-end (as well as high-end) PCs.

As far as gameplay functionality is concerned, PUBG Lite beta would let players check out the Erangel map that involves doing battle within unknown realms in the Black Sea. In-game modes include the likes of Squad, Duo, and Solo - which can be checked out in the third-person-perspective (TPP).

The latest rollout of PUBG Lite beta, on PC, could take time to download as folks over at PUBG have hinted this development while stating that it has got everything to do with staying prepared for the rollout (and subsequent download). In case you are desirous of checking out the PUBG Lite, on PC, then click here to download PUBG Lite.  

Hence, with indications of an imminent unlocking in India, PUBG Lite beta does hold promise for the near future. Do state in your expectations in case you are a player. Finally, if you are desirous of playing PUBG Lite beta, it is imperative that you check out the system requirements which are:

  • Supported Windows platforms- Windows 7, Windows 8, 64-bit Windows 10
  • Graphics card required - Intel HD Graphics 4000 card - at minimum
  • Minimum RAM - 4GB
  • Processor required - 2.4GHz Intel Core i3
  • Minimum internal storage requirements - 4GB

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