PUBG Update 5.1 Introduces Miramar Rebalance And More, On Test Servers


There would be newer elements such as the redesigned Miramar and newer updates that make combat with enemies more serious, in PUBG Update 5.1. Check out now.

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PUBG Season 5, aka Update 5.1 that is set to seed on 23 October, is slated to introduce newer updates, naturally. In this scenario, there would be newer elements such as the redesigned Miramar and newer updates that makes combat with enemies more serious. As of now, Update 5.1 is on test servers. Check out some new important updates below.  

PUBG Update 5.1 most important updates

In this regard, important newer updates also include the likes of a brand-new throwing system. This potentially lets players toss loot to friends, and weapons to enemies. Then, the Win94 would also get a custom built-in scope for better aiming to slaughter enemies mercilessly. These new features also complement the likes of the conventional ones such as increased pace to the game and newer environment. In fact, PUBG’s Executive Producer TS Jang has also talked about the most important among the new changes, in a new video. Check out this video below, along with some Twitterati reactions. 




In related updates, the PUBG Mobile is also getting the newest Update 0.15.0 which introduces the ledge grab functionality. Then, there are newer aspects, with this update, such as the Desert Eagle pistol, BRDM-2 tank. The Payload Mode is slated to be made live soon, also as an update, very soon, to PUBG Mobile gamers. Check out these changes, here

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