Red Dead Redemption 2: Check Out Abandoned Shacks, Their Locations, And Key To Unlocking Hidden Cash, Goodies

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  • How to find hidden goodies in abandoned shacks in Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Exploration of abandoned shacks could lead to players finding goodies

Secretly abandoned structures, most commonly called shacks, in Red Dead Redemption 2 could hold embedded money; this calls for exploration. Let’s get to exploring hidden shacks now.

To start off with, renowned tipster going by the social moniker of MrBossFTW in a new YouTube video states the importance of in-game abandoned shacks-like structures. Here, an exploration of a shack called Old Trail Rise (next to Dewberry Creek) located at the south of Emerald Ranch is carried out.


What’s in it?

Though the shack looks like it has been subjected to a fire attack resulting in a burn-down, there is a secret entrance to an underground cabin which is visible at the surface of the shack. Upon entering this shack, a lot of items to increase health and XP are visible. You could consume these.

MrBossFTW, upon deep exploration of even the minutest of details within the secret cabin, found a stone on the wall concealing money. In case you get to this level, remove this stone (can be found by checking out all the stones) to get to the cash that is stashed inside. As per the tipster, the hidden cash here is the only worthwhile aspect within the cabin. In case you think you have more to report, do share your insights.

The next shack


The second shack is the Crawdad Willies, located beneath the Shady Belle. When you navigate to the inside, you should be able to find essential items required for your overall in-game health. Essentially, these should be the only items of worth inside the Crawdad Willies.

But exploring the islands surrounding the shack, you should find tents and a box near the entrance of one of these tents. The box opens up to a jewellery bag which you could sell. This should potentially hold you in good stead as far as making a fair amount of money is concerned.

Apart from the above, there are plenty others as well that deserve exploration (even MrBossFTW recommends digging deep); some can be explored as John Marston in Epilogue. If you are on the exploration path, do check out the well near the Bear Claw; at the bottom of the well, you should be able to find a box containing cash reportedly amounting to as much as $90. You could check out this spot, for money.

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