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Stack: Google's New Scanner App Guarantees Security And Seamless Running

Scanner apps have become the need-of-the-hour today and Google is here to help. Stack is the latest entry into the app store and has already managed to impress.


Source: Google Blog

Google is all ready to eat up the mobile application market with an all-new need-of-the-hour app that set its foot in the US last month. Stack is a document scanner app that Google's in-house incubator Area 120 team developed among their other experimental projects. Is Stack worth the hype? How is it different from the dozen other scanner apps available on the app store? Let's find out.

Stack Scanner App

In Google's latest blog post, the company introduced Stack with a short description of how it's a game-changer in the industry. Scanner apps have become a need more than a want today due to the 'new normal' situation of working from home. And it's safe to say that this won't remain a temporary necessity either.

Much like hard copies, soft copies are also tough to organise amidst tons of different unnamed documents, files and pictures laying around in the phone. The first and the biggest advantage Google's Stack has over other apps is that it helps one organise documents by automatically naming them and placing them in the right categories. This aspect varies from other apps that merely helps the user scan, save and store the documents.

The Area 120 team partnered up with DocAI to utilise their expert artificial intelligence on the scanner app. DocAI is a team in Google Cloud whose artificial intelligence has helped companies analyze billions of documents seamlessly. With the help of their technology, a Stack user will experience ease in finding their documents on the phone and cut the hassle of figuring out where it is located as it directly gets uploaded on Google Drive. This is regardless of whether or not you decide to stop using the app at a later stage.

Stack does not just identify the name of the document but also the important contents inside it so that the user can even type full texts of the document to find what they need. Stack also supports biometric authentification with sign-in technology where the user will have to scan their face or fingerprint to be able to access the app. As of now, Stack PDF scanner download is only available for Android users in the United States. Google hasn't confirmed its worldwide launch yet nor about when it will be available for iOS users.

Image Source: Google Blog

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