Vikendi Snow Map For PUBG Mobile Now Playable Officially: Putting Rumours To Rest

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  • You can now officially check out Vikendi Snow Map on PUBG Mobile
  • Vikendi Snow Map officially brings and does not introduce a lot of aspects; check these out; for early adapters

With Vikendi Snow Map for PUBG Mobile now live in India, it only makes sense for the comparatively new adapters of the game to get on board and begin exploring the new 6x6 map that introduces all new snow weather, and more. With playability of Vikendi snow map being the criteria, let us look at all of the map’s new enhancements officially; laying to rest all speculations that hinted at various “other” newer aspects but disappointed big time.

Check out the official list of new enhancements, introduced by Vikendi Snow Map, below:

  • New winter-themed snow weather which is accessible from the main Menu. Gamers can check this out first thing as soon as launching the game.
  • All new firearm upgrade mechanism: Players should now be able to check out newer materials in the lab to upgrade weapon finishes to unlock newer aspects such as custom kill effects, death crate appearances, and custom broadcasts.
  • Interface enhancements: If you think that the current-gen in-game layout is lame, then you have lots to cheer about as Vikendi comes with next-gen interface that displays the best Crew Challenge results of players with the ability to manually collect daily mission awards now enabled.
  • Ability to recognize and report cheating better:you would be able to better report cheating on players through new report options.
  • New vehicle to combat the vagaries of the snow weather; this vehicle is called the snowmobile.
  • New snowball fighting on the spawn island.

For the uninitiated, Vikendi Snow Map is set in a customized tundra terrain infested with villages that are abandoned, and other monuments/landmarks. At this juncture, it is also worth noting that PUBG Mobile was at the recent Game Awards; in the Best Mobile Game of The Year category. The title also won top honors at Google Play where it was the top downloaded game; even in the Apple App Store, PUBG Mobile made rapid strides and found a position within the most downloaded  games on the app repository.

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