PUBG Mobile: Have You Checked Out The Game’s “Real Battleground”

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New live adventure teaser of PUBG Mobile has now been released and it details gamers picking up roles of various characters in the game in real life. This trailer is termed #TheRealBattleground. USP of this trailer is the fact that players could find new positions to shoot down enemies from as well as virtually teleport into the PUBG essence in real world.

Towards the end of the trailer, the “Stay Alive” and “Be the One” taglines are flashed; potentially indicating that there could be updates focussed on survival (could even further players’ survival skills) whilst retaining the action-adventure elements.

Grabbing the all-important chicken dinner is also showcased as an element in the trailer. There are also humorous situations when players dive in from an airplane using a parachute. This should add a lot of fun element while playing the actual game on mobiles.

PUBG Mobile players, even the new ones, can click here to watch the #TheRealBattleground trailer.

At this instant, it is worth noting that PUBG Mobile is slated to receive Vikendi Snow Map as an update. This is set to introduce a custom snow weather, custom snow vehicle, weapon, and possibly a frozen river as an element within the gameplay. Vikendi is hugely speculated to be seeded from December 20 for PUBG Mobile players.

With Vikendi being the focal point, as many as 95 skins  have surfaced, along with a new parachute system, and more. Click here to check these out. Do share thoughts and insights on what you expect from Vikendi (as PUBG Mobile players).

Recently, PUBG Mobile was hugely expected by a wide gaming community globally to bg the coveted Mobile Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2018. However, this was bagged by Florence, while God of War was awarded Game of 2018 at the awards. PUBG Mobile's apparent competitor, Fortnite bagged as many as two awards in the Best Multiplayer and Ongoing Game respectively. Red Dead Redemption 2 made Rockstar Games proud as it won in the Title with the Best Narrative, Game with Best Performance, Title with the Best Score, and Title with the Best Audio Design Awards.

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