Why AI Is For Everyone, Not Just For Engineers: Artificial Intelligence Is The Next World Order After All


AI is for all, you could make it the potential New World Order in technology

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disruptive, and you should be owning it at this point in time. The after-effect of the new technology requires your input and data to work on and its not only for the engineers to develop AI- but you are also a stakeholder in the smartness phenomenon.

Why AI belongs to you - not to engineers

Remember that the best after-effects of Application is on society and this is mostly positive. Now, there are definitely talks of AI replacing humans in jobs and thereby creating a scare of taking away these jobs; now, we are not getting into these aspects; but we are on a mission to empower you to effectively harness the power of AI.

The reason why AI is for all is the fact that an AI system utilizes your data and this data is generated from general everyday usage patterns. The Siri and Google Assistants within your smartphones work to make things only better for you - though these are created by engineers the end user is you. Hence, you should be cheering about having to work with AI and not fret stating its a geeky concept.

Your data is food for AI models. The end result of AI is to make your lives better - mostly. Engineers would facilitate this process and this sometimes involves inputting their own data as well. AI is thereby all-inclusive, and not divisive.

AI = cure for societal problems?

WIth AI known to help in multiple ways to mitigate societal problems, an instance here being its application in healthcare processes such as smart diagnosis, in collating patients’ data through smart databases, and even in aspects such as smart beds, and monitoring vitals.

AI in tandem with technology like the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Machine Learning (ML), along with Predictive Analytics, these are designed by keeping you in mind; there is no need of you to think otherwise.

As far as learning AI is concerned, you would not necessarily need a technical academic background, all you need is the ability to conceptualize and put thoughts to words (through coding). Remember, engineers are human beings after all, and you could be an engineer too without taking up complicated exams. Your smartness needs to translate to a non-living thing, and vice-versa. Don’t you think so?

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