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Why Are People Leaving Facebook For Parler? 'Stop The Steal' Movement Explained

'Why are people leaving Facebook for Parler?' has been a question raised by many internet users from around the world. Read below for more details -

why are people leaving facebook for parler

In the past few days, reports of people leaving Facebook have been doing their rounds on the internet. People who formerly use Facebook have in some sense 'migrated' to another application titled Parler which is an alternative to Facebook. However, ever since the controversy broke out, netizens have been wondering why are people leaving Facebook for Parler or why is everyone deleting Facebook. The answer to this question is based upon the current political environment in the USA. Read below to know what is Parler and why are people leaving Facebook for the alternative social media platform. 

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Why are people leaving Facebook for Parler?

Parler social media platform pledges to be a portal for 'Free Speech and Expression' along with having 'unbiased algorithms' and a 'community of real people with a real message'. Parler may not be a direct alternative to Facebook, but it definitely is for Twitter as people are using the platform to voice their distress over the recent presidential election. Former President Donald Trump lost the recent election but went on to claim that the election was rigged and a significant amount of votes should not be counted as they are 'illegal', in his own terms. 

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Trump's supporters followed his claims and a social media movement started developing over at Facebook through the 'Stop The Steal' page which garnered over 300K members under 48 hours since its launch. However, Facebook ended up deleting the page and stating the reason that it was trying to delegitimize the result of the elections also stating that it witnessed some 'worrying' calls of violence from the members of the 'Stop The Steal' community. At the core of the 'Stop The Steal' movement, Trump supporters are hoping to stop the ongoing vote-certification process and also hold pro-Trump rallies at states like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. 

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Since Facebook already removed the community from its platform before unforeseen events of violence take place, the community has now made its way to Parler. The alternative social media platform has now emerged to be one of the hubs for 'Stop the Steal' movement members to voice their opinions and plan their protests. Discord has also emerged to become one hub for people to share content related to the movement. 

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