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Why Is Everyone Posting Venmo On Instagram? Know More About Venmo's Giveaway Event

Why is everyone posting Venmo on Instagram? Venmo has announced a giveaway event where they are giving away $500 to lucky winners. Read on to know more details.

why is everyone posting venmo on instagram


Over the past couple of days, many people noticed a lot of social media posts, especially on Instagram and Twitter, about the popular money sharing app called Venmo. Moreover, Venmo has been trending on the internet over the past couple of days as well. So, what is the reason behind Venmo's recent popularity? Venmo has launched a new social media campaign that is attracting all the attention. Read on to know why is everyone posting Venmo on Instagram. 

Why is everyone posting Venmo on Instagram?

On Monday, many people across the US were posting about Venmo on Instagram stories and across their Twitter feeds. Well, there is a reason behind Venmo trending all across the US on Instagram and Twitter. Venmo has launched an innovative marketing event that has attracted all the attention. In this Venmo marketing event, participants have the chance to win $500 if they get selected. Venmo has not revealed a reason for why giveaway is being done or what inspired it. 

The popular money transfer and money sharing app Venmo shared a post on Twitter, announcing that they are giving away more than $100,000 that will be divided among a total of 100 lucky winners. 50 winners would be picked from Instagram and 50 winners would be picked from Twitter. Each of the winners will be receiving $500 as their gift. The Venmo is only exclusive to the United States, and participants must be above the age of 18 to enter the contest.

As per Venmo's rules, the giveaway would last all of Monday, June 28 and the winners of the event would be announced on June 29. Venmo announced on their official Twitter account that users can enter the contest by simply retweeting Venmo's Tweet about the event, adding the #VenmoMe and tagging the company. On Instagram, participants can enter the giveaway by entering their Venmo handle on their Instagram post about the event and post the event about Venmo on Instagram story. Only residents of the US, above the age of 18 who have a Venmo account are eligible for the prizes. Venmo is a popular money transfer and sharing app, which is owned by Paypal. 



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