You Could Be Inspired To Cast Your Vote Seeing This Zomato Illustration, Somethings Are In Your Hands After All

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Zomato’s campaign is surprisingly inspiring to vote 
  • Are you thinking of voting during the current Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Popular food ordering (and delivery) application Zomato sprung up a surprise if you have noticed, recently, and this has got everything to do with the Lok Sabha elections 2019 that are currently underway and in which most of the millennials in metro cities desist from participating in. If you depend on Zomato for your food needs, it is likely that you are a millennial which means that it makes sense to check out Zomato’s unique campaign.  

Zomato’s campaign is surprisingly inspiring -  to cast votes

Firstly, check out Zomato’s unique campaign, via tweet below, do watch the video in the tweet till the end: 



 Firstly, the food aggregator app says that it ran a poll in as many as 3 major cities with respect to what the citizens in these regions liked most when it comes to favourite food, and results reportedly got netizens worked up.  

These cities are New Delhi, Chandigarh, and Kolkata; and the preference of food here was Mashed Potato (over Chole Bahature), Bruschetta (over Misal Pav), and Croissant (over Rosogullas) in these respective regions. This was over favourite food preferences.  

Like you, even Twitterati expressed shock over these preferences. Then comes the interesting part.  

With choice of food leading to furious reactions among netizens, how about the wrong choice of leader who gets to run the country. Worth thinking isn’t it? 

Hence, the onus is on you to vote and to vote rightly, even abstaining from voting could throw up results (with respect to political leaders) like the above wrong food choices. Do utilize the voting chance and vote so that you get the best you always deserve. This is in your hands. 

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