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Amazon Alexa Now At Your Command For Skype Calling To More Than 150 Countries

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • As of now, 200 minutes of free Skype calls are offered
  • Skype+Alexa is now integrated in India

You can now harness Amazon Alexa to indulge in Skype calling without even physically touching your device. This is courtesy a new update to Alexa that lets users make Skype calls, even video, within their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. USP of this development is that users in India would also be able to make Skype calls through their Amazon devices driven by Alexa.

If you are an Amazon Alexa user in India, do try issuing the voice command viz “Alexa, dial XYZ on Skype” and check whether you are able to make Skype calls; voice calls over Skype are also supported for non-video devices. Also, the latest update by Amazon and Microsoft should let you call fixed call numbers as well, across the world. As of now, Amazon Echo (and related devices) users would also be offered 200 minutes of free international calls.

Hence, if you are  user of Skype, update the application to incorporate at least the Skype 8.3.4 iteration before you start indulging in free calling initiated by Alexa. Command Alexa to start a Skype call now. To initiate the new feature, launch Alexa and navigate to Menu > Settings > Communication > Sign-in with your Skype Account

The latest rollout of Skype video calling on Alexa comes relatively quickly (within a couple of months) after the Redmond-based company made official these plans. With Indian users featuring within the eligibility list regarding the usability of the new functionality, both personal as well as corporate communications re now set to get a boost leaving users potentially spoilt for choice t a time when there are numerous VoIP calling apps such as Google Duo.

“Use Alexa to call friends and family on Skype or call mobiles and landlines in up to 150 countries worldwide” states Microsoft in an official Skype blog post.

Finally, you could check out below for the complete list of Amazon devices eligible to initiate Skype calling (audio and video):

  • Amazon Echo 1st gen
  • Amazon Echo 2nd gen
  • Amazon Echo Plus 1st Gen
  • Amazon Echo  Plus 2nd gen
  • Amazon Dot 2nd Gen
  • Amazon ot 3rd gen
  • Amazon Show 1st gen
  • Amazon Show 2nd gen
  • Amazon Echo Spot.

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