Apple MacBook With Touchscreen Support Could Be Present In The New Apple MacBook Pro!


According to a patent registered under Apple's name, an Apple MacBook with touchscreen support could be in the works. Here is more on the new Apple MacBook Pro.

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Information about a newly registered patent by Apple has recently surfaced online. This new license talks about the possibility of a new Apple MacBook. However, this would possibly be an Apple MacBook with touchscreen support. Here is every development on the story known so far:

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A new Apple MacBook with touchscreen support in the works?

According to the summary of patent number 20200019367 titled ‘Cross-Device Interactions’, the possibility of an upcoming Apple MacBook Pro with a touchscreen display has been pointed out. The summary mentions the usage of a touch-sensitive display with a variety of multi-touch compatible finger inputs, compared to other similar devices where multi-touch seems to be lesser in quality or sometimes even absent.

According to reports by several leading tech portals, Apple’s R&D team is trying to use descriptions as a touchscreen as a defence, therefore trying to improve the user interface as much as possible.

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Earlier, when Apple was asked about the possibility of having an Apple MacBook with touchscreen, they were always reticent to the media. However, the patent reveals information about Apple’s plans for creating an Apple MacBook Pro with touchscreen support. With this, Apple’s MacBook will mark their first step into the touchscreen laptop scenario.

Apple did not jump into the touchscreen laptop business earlier to avoid weakening the touch differentiation between an iPad and MacBooks. With Mac Catalyst, Apple is now working on allowing the developers to port iPad OS apps to run on Mac OS.

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While the touchpad could be used as an alternative to finger-based input, the inclusion of the iPad OS on a laptop would be immensely beneficial to carry out touch-based operations on the device. Although the technology behind the new Apple MacBook with touchscreen has not been explicitly talked about, the patent does give some idea through one of the abstracts.

According to the information available on leading tech platforms, there is a possibility that the users might have to hold their iPhones in front of the laptop screen to initiate the file transfer. The technology that has been talked about in the abstracts is new and has not been seen in implementation earlier. According to the information available from the patent, the technology also deals with aspects of two devices recognising their proximity.

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Windows laptops have supported touch-sensitive displays for quite some time now, and have been shipping some mid-range laptops with touchscreen displays as well. Even Chrome OS laptops have adopted to the touchscreen design and form factor. Thus, Apple has several reasons to announce its first-ever Apple MacBook with touchscreen support.

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