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Apple Watch Series 7 To Drop High-end Materials? Check Out What Apple Is Cooking Up

Apple plans to drop the higher-end materials for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. This change comes with plenty more, check them out here.


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Apple has been doing wonders with the Apple Watch since its release. This accessory has become one of the top fitness and health-related smart devices on the market. Many users have the Apple Watch as a daily driver and it helps them keep track of a series of different tasks. The Apple Watch Series 6 came out in the September of 2020 and people have already started anticipating the release of the next generation, Apple Watch Series 7. People have already started speculating Apple Watch: Series 7 specifications and Apple Watch: Series 7 release date and other details. 

Apple Watch Series 7 Leaks and Rumors

The leaks and rumours revolving around the upcoming iteration of the smartwatch will help users get a better understanding of what is in store for them. One of the latest rumours that have been revolving around social media is the Apple might drop the high-end model this time around. Apple has always provided the customers with a range of options for the material and finishing of the Apple Watch, but it seems they will be dropping the high-end materials for the latest edition of the Apple Watch. 

Apple is concentrating on the size and form factor of the Apple Watch Series 7 heavil6y. The latest reports suggest that Apple will be freeing up more space under the hood to provide room for a large battery. The company is also working on a new double-sided packaging technique that will help reduce the size of the device. Another design rumour that has been circling the social media is that the device would have flatter edges to be more in sync with the design of the new iPhone 12 and iPad Pro.

Apple Watch: Series 7 specifications

Apple hasn't provided any list of specifications or features for the upcoming device. All the specifications that have been mentioned below have been compiled from reports by various sources. Check out the list of leaked features for the Apple Watch Series 7 below: 

  • Health Features: It has been speculated that Apple will be adding a whole series of new tracking sensors to provide more exact details to the user. It is also assumed that the new device will be coming with a body temperature monitor and a stroke detecting feature. 
  • Battery: Design changes are being made to make room for a bigger battery in the Apple Watch. The device has a 300 mAh battery all along, but the design changes might help boost up the number to 340-400 mAh. 
  • Chipset: Under the hood, Apple will include the S7 chip for the series 7 Apple Watch. Last year the computing boost was up to 20% and similar results are expected for the latest iteration of the chipset. 

Apple Watch: Series 7 Release Date

One of the details that people are looking forward to the most is the release date for the upcoming device. Apple is notorious for not revealing any information about their devices until the very last day, so getting an official release date for the Apple Watch Series 7 doesn't seem like a possibility. Apple has previously released their smartwatch devices during the September event, assumption can be made that they will follow a similar plan for their upcoming product. 

(Image Credits: Unsplash)