Apple’s Tim Cook Pledges An Additional $5 Million To Charity

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Cook still owns 854,459 Apple stock
  • Apple's CEO had earlier pledged to donate towards the recent Amazon forest fire

Tim Cook’s charitable exploits continue as Apple’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) gave away as much as %5 million worth shares numbering 23700 shares towards charity. This data as per the United States Securities And Exchange Commission also states that the transaction took place on 22 August – which means that the event is a relatively recent one. Also, as per this data, the name of the charity having been the beneficiary of Cook’s nearly $5 million donation is not disclosed. Post this donation, Cook still owns 854,459 Apple stock. 

Charitable Tim Cook

At this point in time, it is worth remembering that Cook had also donated $5 million in charity at roughly the same time in 2018. He had earlier stated that his plans were to “quietly contribute” towards nobler causes. The filing report, available with the United States Securities And Exchange Commission is available for viewing here. Cook had also in a tweet, a while ago, stated that Apple would donate towards causes such as the recent Amazon forest fire that has caused widespread devastation across South America. This tweet by Cook also went viral rapidly with Twitterati raving about the manoeuvre and even wanting to potentially check out Tim Cook as the president of the United States, check out some reactions (to Cook’s tweet) in this regard: 





Steve Jobs "Surfaces"

Finally, in other Apple-related developments, a new conspiracy theory has come to light which states that the late Steve Jobs is in hiding in Egypt. Now, this hilarious theory was sparked by an image on Reddit (quoted by The Sun, and shared on Facebook by other users) that depicts a man bearing uncanny resemblances to Jobs, this image has now gone viral on social media. The theory also adds that the late technology icon even faked his death. Jobs passed away on 5 October 2011.  

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