CES 2019: Not Just 5G, 6G Also Taking Centrestage At Premier Event

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • CES 2019 has a 6G focus as well
  • Quantum internet is now a futuristic tehcnology aspect


CES 2019 that is set to for kick-off from January 8 is set to focus on 6G as well, apart from the likes of 5G networking standards that have already theoretically promised download speeds that could range up to 3 Gbps (based on geographical regions and service providers). Now, what do you expect from 6G networking standards?

This year’ CES 2019 has a custom session on January 9 that focuses on “6G and the Quantum Internet”, where it is believed y experts that the quantum revolution that till now existed only in comic books and TV series could actually be a reality within as early as the next 10 years.  Here, the undoubted focus would be on the internet and network connectivity speeds and next-gen information exchange protocols and mechanisms.

At this instant, it is worth noting that the CES 2019 also has a custom 5G focus where there are going to be talks around 5G and its advantages for societal sectors (in addition to offering enhanced broadband - fixed and wireless speeds). Here, you should not that enhanced internet connectivity is also set as a parameter for smart cities - both in India as well as globally.

Now, if the 6G aspect is thought about, then a lot of things naturally come to mind; predominant among these are the environmental impacts in case intensive next-gen wireless (and wired) technology has to be deployed. Apart from these, there are excitements with respect to quantum utilization by 6G systems, and the way forward. If you are a data scientist or a technologist, do you think that 6G and quantum internet would prove to be an actual solution (mitigating issues arising out of 5G) that society needs?

With 6g being the centre-focus, the CES 2019 has a separate conference track that takes place from 1 PM till 2 PM  on January 9 at the LVCC, North Hall, N256. Featured speakers here include the likes of Michael Beesley who is CTO at Cisco Systems and Derek Peterson (CTO at Boingo).

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