Hyundai Electronics Now In Indian Consumer Electronics Scheme Of Things: Expect More Smart TVs And AI-Driven Washing Machines Soon

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  • Hyundai electronics could launch a host of smart products in India
  • What is your take on Hyundai Electronics' foray into India?

Hyundai Corporation is now officially a brand within the Indian consumer electronics segment, as the company has now formally announced that it would be launching products ranging from smart LEDs, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more.

Hyundai Electronics stated that it would intensely focus on key areas viz market research, product innovation, and even talent acquisition to innovate in areas such as energy efficiency, artificial intelligence (AI), and technology.

Speaking on the occasion announcing the foray of Hyundai into Indian consumer electronics, Akshay Dhoot who is chief electronics officer (CEO) at Hyundai Electronics stated, “With the vision to deliver seamless integrated technology to every household, we have brought in a wide range of Hyundai’s electronics and appliances to India. India is one of the key emerging markets with a burgeoning consumer durable segment and with Hyundai’s entry, we are committed to give Indian consumers exposure to smart goods technology and product diversification methodologies, manufacturing cutting-edge goods. With the vision to understand our customers better and anticipating their needs, we shall always endeavour to deliver products that contribute meaningfully to a more enriching experience.”

Echoing Dhoot’s thoughts, Abhishek Malpani who is Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Electronics stated, “ This year, we are taking another leap to expand our footprints in Indian market with our diverse range of products. These products will demonstrate the entire gamut of innovation and expertise that Hyundai is known for and we shall remain committed to offer smarter products for the Indian market."

As of now, Hyundai Electronics has been working extensively on areas such as AI, smart TV imaging, product monitoring, technology informatics, and logistics.

Here, smart products is the way ahead as far as Indian consumer electronics is concerned; gauging the way in which innovations (in general) such as smart TVs, smartphones, and even AI-driven washing machines have been adapted by consumers, successors to these hardware aspects are only bound to get smarter - catering to next-gen consumers preferring both value-for-money as well as smart functionality to ease burdens.

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