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IPad Pro 2021 Release Date, Price And Features; A Power Packed IPad Powered By The M1

Apple recently announced the iPad Pro at their April 20 event and it comes with a ton of new features. Read on to know iPad Pro release date and price.

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Image Source: Apple Spring Loaded Event

Apple has just announced their most anticipated device, the new Apple iPad Pro, powered by the next-generation M1 chip, on their Apple Spring Loaded Event. The new iPad Pro has a ton of amazing new features that give it the power of a high-end computer. The new Apple iPad Pro has been made for designers and creatives but is also appealing to the general public, with its beautiful display and blazing fast M1 chip. Read on to know more about the iPad Pro release date and price.

iPad Pro Price and Release Date

The iPad Pro can be pre-ordered starting from April 30. However, the device will become available in stores and online from the second half of May, as announced in the Apple event. So how much is the iPad Pro? Well, Apple has gone with a rather surprisingly cost-efficient pricing for the new iPad Pro models. The smaller 11 inch iPad Pro starts from a base price of $799, whereas the larger, high end 12.9 inch iPad Pro starts at $1099. 

The iPad Pro - What's New?

The new iPad Pro comes with a lot of powerful upgrades over the previous-generation iPad. The M1 chip that powers the new iPad is Apple's most powerful Soc yet, and highly optimised for Apple devices. Apple claims the M1 is the most powerful SoC in the world. With the M1, the iPad Pro can do many things that tablets and smartphones have never been able to do before, like video and photo editing on the go with the power of a high-end MacBook. The larger 12.9 inch iPad Pro features Apple's exclusive Liquid Retna XDR Display that delivers the extreme dynamic range to the iPad Pro screen, with true to life HDR details. This feature has been specifically added for video and photo editors with support for powerful editing software. You can carry the iPad Pro keyboard along and turn it into your own mini iMac anywhere you go. 

The whole idea behind the new iPad Pro is the capabilities of a powerful computer packed into a Tablet, that you take with you anywhere. Apart from the M1 Chip and the Liquid Retina Display, the new iPad Pro features Thunderbolt Type-C for lighting fast data transfer. The iPad Pro now also supports a cellular model with 5G to deliver wireless superfast connectivity to users on the go. The new Ultra-Wide Camera enables what Apple calls 'Centre Stage', a new feature that automatically focuses on users even if they are a bit far from the iPad. The cameras also have high tech Lidar scanners for better depth detection. The new iPad Pro will come with up to 2 Terabytes of space. The new iPad Pro is truly a spectacular device, which pushes innovation and power to its boundaries. Stay tuned for more updates on Apple. 


Image Source: Apple Spring Loaded Event

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