New Nokia Phone Launched At $24 (Roughly INR 2000), Offers 16 Hour Battery Life


Nokia 106 2018 edition is affordable and nostalgic.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:
New $24 Nokia feature phone

A new Nokia phone by HMD Global costing roughly $24 is now official. This handset called the Nokia 106 (2018 variant) could well be one of the cheapest phones in the world with respect to price tag. USP of the phone, as usual (apart from Nokia branding), is its claimed 16 hour battery life on generic usage.

Now, the Nokia 106 2018 edition is a feature phone, not a smartphone; and is seemingly targeted at economies where people prefer secondary devices to complement usage of their primary smartphones and for those who prefer no-frills phones with least potential privacy issues and greater battery juice.

The new Nokia 106 is also slated to hit Indian shores and as per rumours the handset could get a sub INR 2000 price tag in the country. The handset is also claimed to offer nearly 3 weeks of standby time which is mammoth at least on paper.

Nokia 106 offers a 1.8-inch display and lets users insert dual SIM-cards. It is powered by a MediaTek 6261D processor, and comes with 4 MB RAM and 4MB internal storage which is fixed. The device is powered by a removable 800 mAh battery and weighs in at just over 70 grams.

At this juncture, it is important to understand that feature phones likes the Nokia 106 are still relevant in economies which were earlier dominated by Nokia (prior to HMD Global) and minds of people having grown up using Nokia phones. SO, the nostalgia factor is still seemingly alive in such markets; which complements user preference.

As far as user preference is concerned, yes, there are people still preferring value-for-money gadgets to use even by foregoing those devices that offer high-end features. The success of Reliance Jio’s JioPhone (another feature phone) is also proof of concept of affordability and no-frills service being the numeero-uno factors as far as purchase parameters (phones) considered by users are taken into consideration.

Other factors about the new Nokia 106 are its FM radio compatibility and the ability to offer a Nokia experience. You could purchase th device if you are a Nokia loyalist and believe in reliving nostalgia.

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