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Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Vs Noise ColorFit NAV: Which Is A Better Option?

In comparing the Noise ColorFit Pro 2 vs Noise ColorFit NAV, the Pro 2 is better in terms of battery life, while the ColorFit NAV has extensive GPS capability.

noise colorfit pro 2 vs noise colorfit nav


Noise has an extensive lineup of budget-oriented smart wearable devices, that help the user monitor their fitness and daily activities. In a comparison of Noise ColorFit Pro 2 vs Noise ColorFit NAV, ColorFit NAV comes out as the clear winner, but at a higher price point. It has an in-built GPS tracker, which enables some special features. To know more about both the affordable smartwatches, keep reading the article. 

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 vs Noise ColorFit Nav

  Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Specs Noise ColorFit NAV Specs 
Launch Date Sept 2019 July 2020
Display 1.3" LCD 1.4" LCD
Sensors Accelerometer | Optical Heart Rate                                                    3-Axis Accelerometer | 3-Axis Gyroscope | In-built GPS | Heart Rate   
Battery  210 mAh (up to 10 days) 180 mAh (up to 4 days)
SpO2 No No
IP Rating                    IP 68 water and dust resistant IP 68 water and dust resistant
  Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Price: Rs. 2,599 Noise ColorFit NAV Price: Rs. 4,299


As stated in the above table, Noise ColorFit NAV comes with a larger 1.4" LCD colour display, which is pleasing to look at. Owing to a large screen area, colourful watch faces looking good on the smartwatch. But, there is more to it. Along with a high 320 x 320 resolution, the watch also supports customizable font sizes, which is a rare feature in budget-oriented smartwatches. A user can adjust the size of on-screen text, which comes in handy.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 vs Noise ColorFit NAV



While sensors such as accelerometer and heart rate monitor are common on both watches, Noise ColorsFit NAV comes with a dedicated 6-axis GPS sensor. This enables the NAV to measure the path, speed and distance of workouts such as a sprint or jog. Through the NoiseFit application, a user can view the path visualization. That being said, daily activities such as steps count, calories burnt and heart rate monitoring can be done on either of the two smartwatches. 


While both the ColorFit Pro 2 and NAV can track sleep, reject calls and view incoming notifications, more can be done with the latter. The ColorFit NAV allows the user to reply to mobile SMS using pre-set replies (Android only feature), which is a feature that is available in high-end smartwatches and fitness trackers. Several other features such as weather forecasts on the watch, remote camera control and calendar reminders make NAV worth the extra bucks. Other than that, both the devices can control music on the companion smartphone. 

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 vs Noise ColorFit NAV


Battery Life 

The Noise ColorFit Pro 2 comes with a 210 mAh battery life (2-hour charging time), which will last up to 10 days as claimed by the manufacturer. However, users have reported actual battery life of around 5 to 7 days. Coming at a lower price point, the ColorFit Pro 2 offers a better battery life. The ColorFit NAV comes with a 180 mAh battery (3-hour charging time). Users have also reported the NAV to last for up to 3 days while using the in-built GPS functionalities.  


Both the watches support cloud-based watch faces, with better customization on the NAV. The Noise ColorFit Pro 2 comes with NoiseFit as the companion app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth 4.2. The Noise ColorFit NAV partners with 'NoiseFit X' which has been optimized for navigation features. It is also available on both Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth 5.0. 

Noise ColorFit NAV Price vs Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Price 

An affordable smartwatch with dedicated GPS utilities, the Noise ColorFIt NAV price is set at Rs. 4,299 on the official website. However, the price on Amazon is Rs. 4,499. It is not available on Flipkart. However, at this price range, the inclusion of a blood oxygen tracker would complete the Noise ColorFit NAV specs, and make it an irresistible deal. Nevertheless, it is a great option for the segment. 

Considering the Noise ColorFit Pro 2 specs, the price is set at Rs. 2,599, which makes it an excellent product for those in a tight pocket. The watch looks good on the wrist, is lightweight and charges completely in 2 hours, delivering a battery life of up to 10 days, which is the unique selling aspect. It is one of the few watches in the market to offer an excellent battery backup. 


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