Samsung Unveils World's First 4K OLED Display For Laptops

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Published:

Samsung Display is the de-facto brand that top-tier brands including Apple look up to when it comes to buying OLED panels for their top-of-the-line smartphones. Not to mention, Samsung’s own high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note set new display standard benchmarks each year on the back of these OLED panels. On Wednesday, Samsung Display announced the world’s first 4K OLED display for laptops, that will likely start being part of the XPSs and the Yogas by the end of this year.  

Samsung has announced that its first UHD OLED laptop display panel is ready for prime-time and will enter mass production starting from mid-February. Although the company hasn’t disclosed partner specifics yet, it is expected that legacy brands like Lenovo and Dell will start using its UHD OLED display panels in its high-end 4K premium laptops by the end of this year. Samsung’s 15.6-inch 4K OLED laptop display boasts of a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and is touted to offer up to 1.7-times higher colour volume -- and is claimed to offer up to 200 times darker blacks and 2x brighter whites -- in comparison to traditional LCD panels of comparative size.  

Some of its other key standout features include brightness levels ranging from 0.0005 to 600 nits, 120,000:1  dynamic contrast ratio and full HDR compatibility. The UHD OLED laptop display panel also meets VESA’s DisplayHDR True Black specification, according to Samsung. 

“Our 15.6-inch UHD OLED panel provides the most suitable display solutions for carry-on IT devices with outstanding HDR enhancements, unparalleled color reproduction and much-improved outdoor visibility. We have no doubt that our new OLED display will offer a much superior visual experience to notebook users worldwide,” Jae-nam Yun, who is head of marketing team at Samsung Display was quoted by IANS as saying.  

Samsung was supposed to announce its 4K OLED display for laptops at the recently concluded CES 2019 in Las Vegas. While it did not do that, Samsung did announce its second wave of micro-LED TVs at the annual trade show. The micro-LED technology allows for “individual tiles of self-emissive MicroLEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own bright light to produce brilliant colors on screen,” according to Samsung. Samsung is notably the only company doing micro-LED at this point of time, but unlike its 4K OLED display for laptop, Samsung’s MicroLEDs TVs aren’t ready for mass production.

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