The World’s Cheapest TV Could Cost $57
The World’s Cheapest TV Could Cost $57


The World’s Cheapest TV Could Cost $57

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Detel D1 is available for purchase
  • Detel D1 is available for a discount of INR 1000 to early buyers

In what could be touted as the world’s most economical television set, the Detel D1 which is an LCD TV has been launched and costs just INR 3999 ($57 approximately ). This TV measures 19-inches and is now even available for purchase in India.

Obviously, USP of the Detel D1 is its ultra-affordable price tag. Now, in India, it is worth noting that there is a section of buyers preferring to invest on low-cost consumer electronics seeking value-for-money; rather than blindly purchase high-end devices that prioritize features over money.

At this juncture, it is worth noting that Detel D1’s original pricing is INR 4999; early adapters get a further discount of INR 1000 thereby further lowering its overall price tag to INR 3999.

Hardware specifications-wise, the Detel D1 offers aspects such as:

  • 19-inch screen size having resolutions of 1366 x 768
  • 200 Nits brightness
  • Single HDMI port
  • Monitor-computer interface supported
  • Game in-built
  • USB support
  • 12W speakers

Detel is also claiming to deliver the Detel D1 19-inch LCD TV for free in select areas.

Also, the Detel INR 3999 TV should grab eyeballs of those constantly on the move to different cities (Citing work reasons mostly). Going by how value-for-money offerings, such as smartphones by Xiaomi, Motorola, and more. Have been capturing fancy of people especially over the last five years, it may not be an exaggeration to state that this ultra low-cost TV could initially reach more than its expected audience, but sustainability over a longer period of time still remains a question mark .   

The Detel D1 is also available on Flipkart.

“Due to soaring prices of TVs, there is a huge vacuum in the market for affordable TVs. With Detel D1 TV, we are all set to fill this gap under our mission #HarGharTV. We have always created products not to outgrow any other brand, but to be present where no other brand is. We aim to reach to the remotest parts of the country with our D1 TV and make a difference to the lives of millions,” stated Yogesh Bhatia who is MD at Detel, during the launch of the D1.