Will 2019 Be The Year Of Disruptive Technology, And More?

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  • Increased Technology disruption and new trends could com to the fore in 2019
  • Technology like AI, ML, and IoT could take increased lead

Technology disruption and enhanced penetration is increasingly visible and the new year 2019 could herald the advent of newer solutions and trends which were not too long ago considered digital taboo. In this regard, automated networking processes, and connected devices are seemingly the key elements that would potentially effect the next set of disruption and technology-driven changes with trends.

In this regard, Riverbed Technologies which analyzes IT solutions for business needs expects that 2019 would be the year of technology innovations as well as technology challenges and clarity. As per Riverbed, the top trends for 2019 with respect to core technology would be:

  • Integration of various technology types for positivity: Riverbed states that there would be major breakthroughs arising through the marriage of different technologies. Analysts at the company estimate that there would be modern supply chain transformation with the convergence of blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (I), and grid computing. Also, New technologies such as automation, AI and machine learning are estimated to advance to the point that they become a viable options for businesses in 2019.
  • Increased IoT Security breaches: With the rapid adoption of Internet of Things applications attributed to the affordability of many IoT devices, in 2019, it is possible to increasingly witness widespread security breaches stemming from lax security across IoT devices. This means that smart solutions and investments should be prioritized over ease of access. While this may slowdown the adoption of IoT devices, it would prove to be crucial to the long-term success of the technology.
  • Data Sciences, Predictive Analysis and Data Compliance- The substantial amount of data received and created will require the application of AI and ML to be readily understood and for organizations to deliver a truly seamless and optimal customer experience. As a result, data science techniques and predictive analytics are expected to become increasingly mainstream.
  • Performance Monitoring and Digital Experience Management (DEM)- Companies would begin to place more emphasis on visibility into their new digital environments that would enable them to measure and manage the performance of their applications. Digital Experience Management (DEM) can provide customers with the quantifiable results they need to address key business savings, growth opportunities and outcomes on digital investments.
  • Increased Investment in Next-Gen Infrastructure- Organizations are beginning to see the value and significance of investing in next-gen infrastructure that helps accelerate their network and app performance. Software-defined networking in a wide area network or SD-WAN would quickly become the solution of choice for many enterprises.

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