Will Technology And Artificial Intelligence Take Over Paper?


While some believe humans will be better off in hand of advance AI and technology, others believe it will lead to a downfall and paper will never be replaced

Written By Vaishnavi Navalka | Mumbai | Updated On:

Artificial intelligence has been taking a toll on our daily lives but on the other hand, it also has the potential to transform the world, tech experts believe. However, the experts have not predicted the effects  AI will take on an average person. Some believe humans will be better off in hand of advance AI, others believe it will lead to an inevitable downfall.

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Will technology take over paper in future?

These days paper has been replaced by technology in many fields. Despite many efforts, paper has been replaced in many industries, over the last decade. The previous generation was used to writing letters which was replaced by SMS and other chatting apps. While letters took days to reach the designated person, an SMS would reach within minutes and this was the main reason it got replaced. However, in the rural areas where some people do not have access to fast speed internet, they still, believe in writing letters, saving the jobs of our postmen.

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Paper is no longer essential due to technology, yet it still exists with no sign of going anywhere. When it comes to newspapers, our older generation like to hold a newspaper in their hand, feel it, and read it while they have their first cup of tea in the morning. This, however, is passed on by the generation before them. The younger generation is habitual to reading news pieces on the go and this has led to the decline of print media.

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In terms of making a to-do list, people still prefer writing it down on a sheet because of the sensory experience it stimulates. The touch of the page and the link of your pen and hand to mind can possibly never be replaced. Books too, at some point, were proposed to be replaced by e-books but failed to be replaced because the avid readers preferred holding a book. Although the debate on this is never-ending, there are possibilities of technology taking over tasks but not jobs.

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