Xiaomi Says Water In Homes "Hard", Set To Launch Water Purifier

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Xiaomi would launch a smart Water Purifier on 17 September

Xiaomi India’s doubts about the hardness levels in the water we consume has now got the company to think about releasing an Mi Water Purifier on 17 September. This launch has been clearly teased by the company’s India Managing Director (MD) Manu Kumar Jain. He states that his intention is also to supply pure drinking water to every home in the country. This looks social on paper and serves certain appreciation. But, even the price point of this Mi Water Purifier needs to be considered. This is because most of today’s “Water Purifiers with RO technology” are on the more expensive side with executives of these companies even misguiding prospective buyers with fake facts. Xiaomi’s loyalists expect the brand to rise above these, and deliver a true and affordable water purifier to Indian homes.  

The Mi Water Purifier

As of now, the official name and technical specifications of the expected Mi Water Purifier are yet to come to the fore. But what is known is the fact that an Mi Water Purifier variant is already present in China and this offers purification via RO technology. At this juncture, check out what Jain tweeted symbolically about the Mi Water Purifier being launched on 17 September. Jain’s indication about the launch of a Water Purifier even got Twitterati up on their toes as if it were a new smartphone launch. 




Mi Water Purifier on 17 September 

The key technical specifications and pricing of the Mi Water Purifier would be revealed on 17 September. Till then, it would not hurt Xiaomi loyalists and everyone expecting a truly economical RO Water Purifier to hope for a true innovation from Manu Jain. It would do a world of godo in case these devices go the Xiaomi smartphones way. Affordability and truely feature-rich.