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AC Odyssey Arena: Where To Find The Arena In Assassin's Creed Odyssey?

In AC Odyssey, the Arena is located on the far east side of Pephka, in the bottom-right corner of the map. Read on for a complete location guide.

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, as the players fight various kinds of enemies like the bandits, beasts and barbarians, they will come across the quest to find a secret fighting arena known as "They Just Want Cruelty." So where to find arena in AC Odyssey? Continue reading the article to find out about this quest as of the latest AC Odyssey update.

AC Odyssey Arena

In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the Arena is located on the far east side of Pephka, in the bottom-right corner of the map. To the east of Messara, it can be found at the top of Pirate Point. You can go there at any time, but the level restrictions will make it difficult before you reach level 20. Here, the first opponent is at level 22.

The search "They Only Want Cruelty" can be started by either picking up a note from some defeated mercenary or simply getting to the Arena. It's a multi-phase quest that takes you all the way to level 50 and pits you against the Arena's five champions. You may also choose to battle mercenaries at random.

To get to the arena, head down to Pephka, the port on the island's western side is the best place to land, and then to the island's Dikte Plateau district. Call Ikaros in the northwest of this town, and you should be able to locate Maion, the Arena's owner. If you prove your worth, he'll point you east along the coast and tell you to use his boat. The small boat is right in front of where you talk with him, and all you have to do now is climb aboard and follow the shipwrecks eastward.

In the arena, there are two main things to do: battle Champions and embrace Mercenary challenges. By going to the Mercenaries menu, you can see which Mercenaries you can battle, which saves you time looking for them in the world. For beating 5 powerful Champions of various ranks, you will receive Legendary equipment. If you can eliminate all of them, you'll be crowned Hero of the Arena. The Champions are as follows:

  • Klaudios, King of Bandits – Level 22
  • Belos, the Beast of Sparta – Level 29
  • Evanthe, the Huntress – Level 36
  • Titos, Rock of Athens – Level 43
  • Vasilis, King of the Arena – Level 50

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

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