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AC Valhalla Asser Guide: Here's Guide For Asser World Event

AC Valhalla has many types of quests that players can attempt to complete in the game. Asser is a World event, check out the Asser Guide here.

Source: arysani Twitter

Source: arysani Twitter

AC Valhalla is in the stores now and almost every player is getting their hands on the copy of the latest Assassins Creed instalment. Ubisoft has made a massive action RPG this time around with Norse mythology as their background. The game has a huge number of quests to complete, mysteries to solve, treasures to plunder, and places to explore. The franchise is also known for its historic accuracy of the depiction of events in the past. Players want to learn more about AC Valhalla Asser.

AC Valhalla Asser

Asser is one of the many world events in AC Valhalla. The Asser Guide will help the players figure out what they need to do to complete this AC Valhalla World Event. Check out the Asser Guide below:

  • First, the players will have to talk to the person at the World Event marker inside the church
  • From there they need to look up to see three windows
  • Out of these 3 windows, one of them has the light moving outwards towards the podium
  • Players observe a person that is trying to read but needs the light for visibility at the podium, inside the church
  • The players need to climb on the scaffolding and clear out the blockage that is stopping the light from reaching its location
  • Once the blockage has been removed, the AC Valhalla Asser World Event will be completed.

AC Valhalla Wocig

Wocig is one of the locations in Hamtunscire. In this location, there is a cave that holds a lot of loot for the players to collect. Once they are inside the cave, they should keep running ahead until they find a boat and a water body there. The players should get into the boat and sail ahead until they reach a location where they see stairs.

They should use these stairs to run up and loot a chest, next to this chest is a huge rock that players will have to scale for the next step. Then with a series of parkour moves and with the help of the Odin Sight ability, the players should be able to reach another area. Here they need to use the torch and burn whatever is in front of them to cause explosions and open up their paths. This will also open a crawl path to a room that holds the mysterious tablet. Collecting this tablet will finish one of the Treasures of Britain too.

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