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AC Valhalla Cheats And Secrets: Here Are The AC Valhalla Exploits

AC Valhalla is a huge game and with this stature, it comes with its own cheats and secrets. Learn about all the AC Valhalla Exploits here.

Source: NoviKaiba23 Twitter

Source: NoviKaiba23 Twitter

Assassins Creed: Valhalla has been released. It is the latest installment by Ubisoft to the Assassins Creed franchise. Since the time of AC Origins, Assassins Creed games have become full-blown RPGs and RPG mechanics have become an integral part of gameplay. AC games have also started following mythologies as the background for the main story. AC Origins had Egyptian mythology, AC Odyssey had Greek mythology and now AC Valhalla has Norse mythology.

As AC Valhalla is an RPG, players will find themselves most of the time completing quests, trying to earn money and rewards, trying the find the lost loot and mysteries in the world of AC Valhalla. Many players would like to learn more about AC Valhalla Cheats.

AC Valhalla Cheats

Cheats exist in most games, they help manipulate the rules of the game set by the developers, they also help provide the players with an advantage while playing the game. Many players look towards cheats when they find the game too difficult to complete, or when they just want to have fun. There are plenty of Cheats and Secrets in AC Valhalla that players can use to get their hands on an unlimited supply of resources or get their hands on a specific item. Check out all the AC Valhalla cheats and secrets below:

Unlimited Silver

  • The players will have to go to the South East Corner of Lunden for this cheat. Here they will find 3 beggars sitting in the corner. The players will need to donate 5 coins to each beggar and they will earn a Chained Fury Rune from them. Players can only do this once while in that location, to redo this they will have to leave the town and return or by controlling Synin. Once the players have collected the number of Runes they need, they can go over to the merchant and sell them. They can also kill the beggars to retrieve all the money that was donated to them.

Unlimited Nickel, Titanium, and Tungsten

  • The players have found an exploit to earn unlimited Nickel, Titanium, and Tungsten. They just need to head over to the Crossroads area towards the east of Glowecestrescire, here they will find a large bush. The players will need to hide in the large bush and save the game. Once saved they need to load the saved game and they will see 3 enemies in that area. The players can kill them and earn some nickel, titanium, and tungsten, once that’s done, they need to go back to the bush and save. They can rinse and repeat this process how many ever times they want.

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