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AC Valhalla Godly Rewards: AC Valhalla Community Appreciation Gift Is Here

AC Valhalla Season 2 has started and along with that came some community appreciation gifts for the players. Learn about the AC Valhalla Godly Rewards here.

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AC Valhalla is full of quests that will involve the players mentally and physically. The game is massive and some of the side quests can be repetitive, but some of the main quests can really shine. On the side players also have many side activities they can take part in, so many mysteries they can unlock and a plethora of treasures they can loot across the map. Players want to learn more about AC Valhalla Godly Rewards.

AC Valhalla Godly Rewards

AC Valhalla is celebrating its second season by presenting some rewards for the players. The main Godly Reward for players is the Altair Armor. AC Valhalla players can now dress up as the main protagonist from the first Assassins Creed game at zero cost. This is a free Godly Reward for players amongst other rewards. The players will also be receiving 300 Opal, which is a premium currency that is used to buy special pieces of armor and weapons from Reda. AC Valhalla has informed the players that they just need to visit the Animus store and purchase the Godly Rewards pack at zero cost to avail these bonus rewards.

AC Valhalla Update 1.2.0.

AC Valhalla 1.2.0 Patch is out now, and it brings a lot of new substance to the game. First things first the update brings a new Easter-themed festival called Ostara. The AC Valhalla Update also brings new skills and abilities to the game. This update will likewise fix all the bugs and issues plaguing the game to provide a smoother experience for the players. Check out the patch notes for AC Valhalla 1.2.0 Update below:

Ostara Festival

  • Developers added in-game support for the Ostara Festival.
  • The Ostara Festival will be available from March 18 to April 8. It will feature a bloomy Ravensthorpe, some unique side activities (such as egg hunts), and special rewards.
  • Developers will provide more details about the Ostara Season content in the First Look article coming March 18.

Change Appearance / Transmog

  • Added a Change Appearance aka Transmog to the game.
  • Change your gear and weapon appearance within the same category of items at Gunnar’s blacksmith in Ravensthorpe for 50 silver. “This piece was already exceptionally beautiful, but if there’s anyone who could improve it, it’s me!” —Gunnar
  • Changed items will be marked with a star in the inventory.

New Skills

  • Fearless Leaper = When activated, the leap attack damage has a larger area of effect and can be done at any height.
  • Raven’s Loot = Your raven gathers loot from targets killed with ranged attacks.
  • Loot Food = Eivor now has a higher chance of looting food from dead bodies.

Close Camera Option

  • We added a close camera option to the game.
  • Once toggled, it will activate a closer camera during regular gameplay.
  • The camera will zoom out during combat encounters.
  • The option can be toggled in the Gameplay menu.



  • There will now be more cats throughout England. The best clutter.
  • Foxes should no longer spawn inside Lunden.
  • Addressed an issue that downgraded Ubisoft Connect Rewards (i.e. Spartan bow, Moonlight Axe).
  • Improved character physics behavior when running up the stairs. Clothes no longer go brrr.
  • Small boats will now catch fire when throwing torches at them.


  • Addressed an issue that caused Skadi's Blade's perk to remain inactive when conditions are met.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the boar master's melee attack not to build up fire damage on the player.
  • Addressed an issue that caused Petra's Arc perk to remain inactive above 90% HP.
  • Addressed an issue that caused the Huntsman rune to be activated when conditions are not met.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to break the heavy runic attack of Kjotve with light attacks during the third phase.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented Guaranteed Assassination from working and reduced damage dealt after acquiring the Shoulder Bash ability.
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