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AC Valhalla Gothic Armor Set: Get The New Gothic Armor Set With Health Regen Capabilities

The AC Valhalla game recently released the Gothic Armour Set in the game. The Gothic Armour set can be purchased in AC Valhalla for 1500 Helix.

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Source: Still from AC Valhalla

The Assassin's Creed franchise has been releasing some amazing games over the past few years, with Odyssey, Valhalla and Origins. Their latest game AC Valhalla is one of the most popular open-world RPGs (Role Playing game) out right now. The game is a continuation of the highly popular Assasin's Creed series of games.

Ever since the game was released, game developer Ubisoft has been adding new updates and challenges to keep the game feeling fresh and exciting for players. However, defeating bosses in AC Valhalla is quite a bit of a challenge. A new gothic armour skin dropped in the AC Valhalla update recently, along with a few others which can significantly upgrade your character. Read on to more about how to get the AC Valhalla Gothic Armor set. 

AC Valhalla Gothic Armor Set 

The AC Valhalla Gothic Armor Set was released recently and people on the internet are already loving the new set. The set has a lot of components and abilities. Players can buy the Gothic Armor set in the game for 1500 Helix coins. If you have the complete gothic set, it will give you passive health regeneration which is very helpful in long fights and fighting bosses. You can take a look at the Gothic Armor Set embedded image down below. Here are all the main and additional components of the AC Valhalla Gothic Armor Set. 

  • Gothic Hood 
  • Gothic Armour
  • Gothic Crown
  • Gothic Bracer 
  • Gothic Pants 

About AC Valhalla

AC Vallhalla is the latest among the Assassin's Creed series of games. The game was launched back in November 2020. The critically acclaimed RPG action game is available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and on PC.  In AC Valhalla you play an assassin in the Viking ages England. You are transported to a world of the past. Each of the cities that are part of the game has been designed in a historically accurate manner, meaning every time you travel across a city you can get a feel of how the city looked like in real life in England's past. As is the tradition with AC games, the gameplay is phenomenal and smooth and built very realistically. You will get to play like you are a real-life Viking conducting missions in a forgotten time. 

Image Source: Still from AC Valhalla

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