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AC Valhalla Pay Tonna Or Not: Here Are All The Possible Outcomes Of The Mission

AC Valhalla players have been asking questions like should they Pay Tonna Or Not? To help them, we have listed all the possible outcomes of this mission. Read

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AC Valhalla is a popular action role playing game that is enjoyed by thousands of players worldwide. The game brings in some of the most interesting missions and challenges one can enjoy in a video game. Thus the players have been asking some important questions like should they pay Tonna or not. To help these players, here are all the outcomes of the Pay Tonna or not choice in AC Valhalla. 

Ac Valhalla Pay Tonna or not

Your choice in the pay Tonna or not step that can be found in the AC Valhalla Bartering quest will set the base of the relationship with Tonna. It will also determine the difficulty and time this mission will take to be completed completely. The overall plot of the game will not be largely affected because of this choice. The first choice that is given to the players and the best option one has is to pick what their Eivor is saying. Then they will be asked if they wish to pay Tonna or not. The players need to pay a total of 520 Gold and if they have a Charisma score of 2 the payment will be reduced to 260 Gold. Getting the Charisma score to 2 might be easy if the players were successful in flying with Alvis. Refusing to pay on the first choice given will certainly get Tonna angry and the players will lose the option to use their Charisma. 

There are a total of two situations that can happen to you while completing this AC Valhalla challenge. First, paying Tonna will give you a hint as to where you need to look for the person you’re after. Apart from this, the players will also be welcomed by her in her camp and they can easily go in there without anyone taking a shot on them. The players can get some important collectables from her camp thus it is certainly a great option one has. The players can also sneak behind Tonna and steal back the money paid to her. This is also a great option as nothing will be changed if she is able to catch the players. 

On the other hand, if the players do not pay Tonna, their mission might just become a bit difficult to complete. Tonna will not allow the players to enter her camp. Thus they will need to sneak inside the camp and try to find the clues of the king's whereabouts. If the players opt for a violent entrance to her camp, they will not be able to recruit Tonna for their camps later on. In the game, they will be required to fight her till her death so it is certainly recommended to pay her for an easier gaming experience. 

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