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AC Valhalla Scimitar: How To Obtain The Scimitar Great Sword In AC Valhalla?

AC Valhalla introduces a wide variety of weapon categories and one of the best weapons is - The Scimitar great sword. Read on to know more.

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

AC Valhalla has many types of weapon and one of them is known as Scimitar. It is a scimitar is a Middle Eastern single-edged, curved sword. The Syrian Sabre and the Ottoman Janissary Kijil were two examples of it that were used extensively in Western Asia and North Africa. It falls under the category of great swords and these are arguably the best weapon type in the game. So where can a player find this great sword in Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Continue reading the article to find out.

AC Valhalla Scimitar

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, you have a lot of weapons to choose from, but the Great Sword is one of the strongest. These are two-handed weapons that require Eivor to use her strength to wield, but the damage they deal makes them a worthwhile weapon despite the reduced speed. The Scimitar is a Mythical Great Sword that is associated with the bear branch of the ability tree. If you want to add it to your inventory, you can only get it from Reda's shop for 120 Opals or by using Helix Credits.

This weapon is well worth your money because once completely upgraded, you will be able to battle more difficult Zealots early on in the game. Furthermore, because you purchase it at the mythical stage, no ingots are needed. It's also a cool bonus because it improves your light damage after you finish a heavy finisher.

AC Valhalla Update

Wrath of the Druids, the first Assassin's Creed Valhalla DLC, will be published in Spring 2021. Winning the favour of the Gaelic Kings opens a new map, and travelling to Ireland might hint at a similar storyline in the upcoming DLC. The official synopsis reads, According to the official synopsis:

"Explore the haunted wilds and beautiful landscapes of Ireland as you battle a druidic cult known as the Children of Danu. Conquer ring forts, master the art of smuggling, and gain the favour of Gaelic kings in a new open-world adventure."

Layla, Assassin's Creed's newest modern-day heroine, will be the one reliving Eivor's memories now that she has joined The Reader. As revealed in the storey, Basim is the new main character, and it's likely that players can play Basim as the storey continues into AC 2021. Wrath of the Druids is likely to reveal more detail about the Druids, thanks to the Druid's magic and Loki's involvement in Eivor's memories.

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

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