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AC Valhalla Trade Dyed In The Wool: Where To Find This Post In The Game?

In AC Valhalla, the Dyed in the Wool search needs you to explore and find a clue that will bring you to the property deed. Read on to know more.

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You must look straight up to see what you need to investigate in the Drumlish Trading Post in the Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids DLC. There are several trading posts to locate and benefit from in the game but the one in the Dyed in the Wool search needs you to explore and find a clue that will bring the players to the property deed. So how to complete this dyed in the wool quest in Valhalla? 

AC Valhalla Trade: Dyed in the Wool

To find it, look straight up at the tree that overhangs the outpost on the south side and hop up it from the outer wall. A knife has been used to pinning the clue to the trunk. This is what the players need to remember when they start the quest. Now, to begin this search, you must first clear the Trade Post at Drumlish, which is located northwest of Dublin in the Meath area. You'll find a large number of wolves once you enter the post.

You can either charge in with a high-damage weapon and do a lot of area of effect damage, or you can use your bow to take out the wolves from a vantage point on the walls. When all of the enemies have been defeated, use Odin's Sight to highlight the location of the clue, which will lead you to the location of the deed necessary to build the trade post. The notice is stuck to a tree on the northwestern side of the trade post. To get to it, you will have to climb the trunk.

The quest objective will update with the position of the deed after you've read the note. To find out where you need to go, look at the world map. It's the town of Knockfree, which is directly south of Drumlish in this situation. When you get to Knockfree, look to the south for a ruined broch. The deed is on a skeleton inside the broch, but you'll have to break down a barricade to get to it. You can do this with a firepot you can find nearby or by using the ranged ability Incendiary Powder Trap.

IMAGE: Ubisoft Montreal

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