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AC Valhalla Viking Brawl: Learn How Many Rounds Are There In Viking Brawl

AC Valhalla Viking Brawl is back with the new Ostara Festival update to the game. Learn how many rounds are there in Viking Brawl and more here.

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AC Valhalla is the most recent game released by Ubisoft. This game accepts the job of proceeding with the long-standing Assassins Creed establishment. This game is an action-RPG and includes all the significant RPG components that are required. Players can settle on decisions in the game and these decisions have impacts. There is a pretty profound ability tree that players can use to overhaul their character. There are many side exercises that players can partake in as well. Many players have been wondering how many rounds are there in Viking Brawl in AC Valhalla?

How many rounds are there in Viking Brawl in AC Valhalla?

The AC Valhalla Viking Brawl is back again with the new Update. The first Viking Brawl was seen in the Yule festival update, the latest AC Valhalla Viking Brawl has been introduced with the latest Ostara Festival update to the game. In the Viking Brawl game mode, the players are put against a series of fighters and the players need to defeat all of them with their fists only.

This is a test of the player's combat skills, it tests the capability of the players against strong enemies with the help of their fierce weapons. In total there are 10 rounds that the players need to participate in and defeating all of these fighters will fetch the player a huge set of festival-themed rewards.

How to win Yule Brawl in AC Valhalla?

AC Valhalla Yule Brawl takes place at the Viking Festival of Yule. Here there is a brawl being held by Sunniva that players can partake in. In this AC Valhalla Yule brawl, the players need to fistfight against 10 opponents and defeat all of them to win the brawl.

For defeating each opponent, the players will receive 5 Yule tokens, that can be used for limited-time purchases. The players are put against 10 fighters and the difficulty of each fight increases when the next fighter arrives. There are two reasons for this, First, Eivor gets drunker after every fight and second, the difficulty of opponents also increases after each fight.

To win the Yule Brawl the players need to be on their guard. Parrying and dodging are their best friends to take them ahead. They can also use items in this battle, but these should be stored for the fighters towards the end as Eivor also regains a certain amount of health after every battle.

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