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Among Us Quick Chat Update: How To Update Among Us And Access Quick Chat?

Among Us is developing itself by the second. Many features along with new maps are making way. Here's what you need to know about Among Us Quick Chat update.

among us quick chat update

Among Us is coming up with exciting new features and maps to make the game much more interesting and easier to access. One such feature has already emerged on the app that seriously improved the efficiency of the gameplay. The Among Us Quick Chat update was launched yesterday with the idea of making the chatboxes safer for the younger crowd. Here's everything you need to know about Quick Chat.

Among Us Quick Chat update - How to update Among Us?

The new quick chat feature redirects users to pre-defined/default messages related to the game so that they can simply use these messages during emergencies instead of wording out everything. Some users even use the chatbox to sprew unnecessary comments and promote hate. Developers have taken note of the same and have gone to great lengths to reduce it as they're aware that the game serves a larger demographic that includes people under 18. To make the space safer, the latest update asks users their age before they could log in.

This determines what they can and cannot access. For instance, if anyone has registered their age as below 18, they'll only be able to access the quick chat option and steer clear from the free chatbox. The quick chat wheel has options for Among Us: Accusation, Crew, Location, Statements, Systems, Question, and Response. This means that the users can enquire just about anything with ease. 

Usually, Among Us update starts automatically but in case anyone has disabled automatic updates, they will have to manually go to the Play Store and search for the app to click on enable update. PC users will need to update from Stream. For that, the user will have to visit Stream and open Library to access Among Us. From there, they will have to right-click on the name and click on Properties. The Updates file will unveil itself following which the users can click on automatic updates to enable the features.

Currently, the gaming app is soaring high on App charts despite the trend visibly slowing down after a period of time. The developer of the game InnerSloth is in talks of a sequel that might be rolling out soon.

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