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Apex Legends The First Piece Hampered By Server Outages; Respawn Issues Fix

Apex Legends The First Piece has been faced with certain connectivity issues preventing users from getting into the mission. Respawn addresses the issue.

Apex Legends

A new Apex Legends quest kicked off recently with the first chapter in the saga of The Broken Ghost. The first hunt requires players to search for the first piece of a mysterious artefact. The hunt is actually a small incursion into the game’s first map which starts with a legend or a team jumping from the dropship. Other than Revenant and Loba, you can choose from a number of legends to do the job. However, the event has been faced by server outages. This has been keeping players from getting started with the new event.

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Apex Legends The First Piece not working

The mission is part of a different matchmaking queue that you need to select before you get matched into. However, as several players tried to get into the mission, the game would constantly get stuck in a never-ending loop of “matchmaking” followed by “starting server”. Due to these issues, the mission fails to begin.

It isn’t clear if the same issue is being faced by all the players, however, the game’s subreddit is flooded with reports where most players are having difficulty starting the mission. Developers at Apex Legends are also aware of the problems and acknowledged with a tweet that some connectivity issues have been impacting the game across all platforms. The tweet was sent out almost an hour after the mission came out. They also assured users that they are looking into possible fixes.

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The company has followed up with a tweet to notify users that the connectivity issues have been fixed, meaning that players should now be able to launch the mission.

Fortunately, there is still enough time for players to start the new mission and complete it before the next one gets out. You should note that only one mission in “The Broken Ghost” quest line will be dropped every week, and the missions will actually continue throughout this whole season.

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Apex Legends The First Piece: The First Prompt

As for the first mission, it can be accessed by anyone who has collected five Treasure Packs. The actual First Piece refers to the treasure pack that players are required to pick up to initiate the Apex Legends quest. The step is quite easy and straight forward. All you need to do is search for treasure packs that will reward you with the "Legendary First Piece." You can get a single piece every day by playing the game. The next mission is scheduled to go live next week on Tuesday, May 26.

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