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Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes Location: How To Get This Killing Machine In The Game?

Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes location is a popular term searched by the gamers. So we have listed all the information we have about it right here. Read more

biomutant googlide wrekboxes location


Biomutant is a popular action role playing game that is currently being played by thousands of players all over the globe. Apart from this, the makers of the game have added a number of different items in the game that can help kill a number of different enemies. So to help the players, here is some information about the  Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes location. Read more

Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes location

The players of Biomutant are currently searching about the Googlide Wrekboxes location and their upgrades. The players need to build machines that allow them to fight the world eaters. Googlide is one such machine that is used by a number of players in the game. This machine can be owned by completing the Gulp’s quest in the main story. The game also allows the players to find a number of different items that can give an upgrade to this item in the game. To help the players, we have listed some locations for Googlide upgrade that can help them complete the game. Read more 

  • Gumquack Hollow- The players will first need to finish the missions in this area as a part of the main story. As they keep progressing, they will need to fight a large animal. After killing the animal in the game, they need to go in the room to get the Wrekbox. This will be found just on a bank. Keep in mind that getting to the “Knock Locker” means that you have skipped the Wrekbox and you need to turn around.
  • Plumsidums - The players will need to start moving towards the western side of Rokoblok Outpost. They will also need to reach at a level in the main quest that they have access to the Mjut and its ability to get down the Stalagmite Tunnels. To find the next Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes location, try and move towards the north of Plumsidums to spot the Wrekbox in a cave. Use your Mjut that can help pull down the Stalagmites at the entrance to get inside. 
  • Bangshelter 2E - The next Wrekbox needs the players to be in possession of The Radioactivity Suit. For the same, they will first need to finish up that side quest and then head over to Bangshelter 2E. There they will come across some enemies like the radioactive beasts. Get the Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes location after defeating these enemies. 
  • Frozy Brickbrack -  Keep in mind to have cold-weather gear for this location. Because this can be found towards the southeast of Tubfloo Outpost out in the Musimosh Mire. The Wrekbox is in the southeastern side of the zone. They will need to go to the underground bunker there. Keep an eye out for the ice elemental enemies. Defeat them and get the Wrekbox.
  • Broken Boat- The players can find the next Wrekbox located on an island, east of Mitre Mop Outpost. This location is called Broken Boat and they will surely have to fing as soon as they reach this place. A number of small enemies might attack you before getting to the bigger brethren. Keep an eye out for the snipers in the area too. Defeat all these enemies and find the Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes location right here


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