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Call Of Duty Rambo Bundle: What Are The New Features Of 80s Action Heroes Event?

John McClane and Rambo skin bundles will be available as part of Call of Duty: Mobile 80s Action Heroes Event. Read on to know more about this update.

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IMAGE: Activision

Publisher Activision will release an update and host a special event honouring 1980s action heroes. “80s Action Heroes” is the name of the event, which will feature two of the most well-known movie heroes, John McClane and Rambo. Continue reading the article to know more about the Rambo Bundle Warzone.

Call of Duty Rambo Bundle in Mobile

The new online game mode is ideal for those looking for a lot of 80s-style action in-game. Players can also buy the 80s Action Heroes pack from the in-game store, which can then be included in other Multiplayer modes and Battle Royale mode, according to Activision. The Rambo Call of Duty: Mobile Bundle will be available in the in-game store and features John Rambo. Rambo will be included, as well as three blueprints, one LMG, one assault weapon, and one Knife, as well as an Epic Parachute, an Avatar, a Calling Card, a Grenade, a Tank, and a Profile Frame. 

John McClane will also be available in the in-game store as part of the Die Hard Call of Duty: Mobile Bundle. The Epic Character, three Epic Blueprints (two SMGs and one pistol), an Epic Frag Grenade, a Parachute, a Cargo Truck, an Avatar, a Calling Card, and a Frame for your profile will all be included in the kit. Both these bundles are going to be available for purchase from the in-game stores till June 18.

COD Update of Season 3 - 80s Action Heroes Event

  • Operators Rambo and John McClane (Warzone and Cold War)
  • New Features for Warzone 
    • New Points of Interest, Nakatomi Plaza, Survival Camps, CIA Outpost, Power Grab – Limited-Time Mode, New Killstreak – Combat Bow, Weapon – Ballistic Knife.
  • New Features for Cold War 
    • Two New Multiplayer Maps, Standoff (6v6), Duga (Multi-Team), New Game Modes and Medals, Die Hardpoint, Rambo’s Gun Game, Multi-Team Elimination, Action Movie-Inspired Medals, Zombies, New Main Quest, Orda World Event and more in Outbreak, Cranked 2: No Time to Crank – Limited-Time Mode, New Custom Mod Support, Mystery Box Weapons and Weapon Buffs.
  • New Features for Warzone and Cold War
    • Two New Weapons – Baseball Bat and AMP63 Pistol, ‘80s Action Heroes In-Game Challenge Event, New Store Bundles
  • New Features for Call of Duty: Mobile 
    • New Multiplayer Limited-Time Game Mode: Gums Blazing, Die Hard and Rambo Store Bundles

IMAGE: Activision

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